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What's included in the 4 hour MHFAiders® training course?

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MHFA Refresher live online or in person (4hrs).  Recommended for existing MHFAiders every three years.  

Delegates then benefit from MHFA England's new support package.  This includes:

  • an invaluable App (i.e. listing local and national charities/support groups/services).
  • access to MHFA England's online resources (including updated Manual).
  • quarterly invites to free MHFA England webinars (connecting with other MHFAiders).

The Refresher is not a repeat of earlier training; new and engaging materials delivered, plus ongoing support direct from MHFA England.

Online MHFA course

What's the format of the course?

This is a half day course (4 hours) is delivered either face-to-face or online.

Learning takes place through a mix of presentations, group discussions and workshop activities.

In Person

In person courses will be conducted in a variety of locations across the northwest with any required materials provided during the session.

Take a look at the upcoming courses page to see the current schedule and locations.

Live Online Version

The 4 hours of live delivery uses MHFA England’s platform (Enabley). It is very similar to TEAMS or Zoom, but delegates can be assured no previous knowledge of any platform is necessary. Instructors provide support before and after the live sessions to ensure a positive experience.

There is no academic pass mark; delegates are encouraged to participate as much as possible, but their welfare is paramount. The course can be challenging, so all delegates are able to opt out of any activity at any time.

Graham covers the topic with the help of slides, videos and personal experience.  Delegates are encouraged to participate in discussions, ask questions and share their experience and opinion if they wish.  However, delegates may choose not to participate and observe in a non-threatening online environment.

Association of Mental Health First Aiders
Reviews from past course attendants

What people say about our courses


"Graham was absolutely amazing! I cannot give enough credit for his teaching style, patience and is just overall a decent guy! - I will be advising ANYONE who needs it to go with Graham and learn more about mental health!"

Adult MHFA - 2 Day Classroom Participant

"For someone with little exposure to ill mental health or for someone that wants structure and framework around the best way to manage a first aid event the course is great. I feel much more prepared to act in a professional 'correct' way. It's a lot to cover in two days so I am pleased to have the manual as additional support and information."

Adult MHFA - 2 Day Online Course Participant

"The course was extremely well delivered, interactive and engaging. Although the content covered was in depth and sensitive, all topics were approached with the utmost care and consideration."

Adult MHFA - 2 Day Classroom Participant

"Graham made the course both informative and enjoyable. The subject matter makes is not the easiest material to teach. They supported us as a group and as individuals. My knowledge and confidence to approach a person with a mental health condition has increased enormously. Thanks for a great course."

Adult MHFA - 2 Day Online Course Participant

"I am really impressed by how much we were able to learn in 2 days and the extensive resources and ongoing support provided to us following on from this. I highly recommend this course and especially our tutor - Graham Ramsay. 5 stars!"

Adult MHFA - 2 Day Classroom Participant

"The course was helpful and informative. I felt well equipped to deal with the course contents thanks to the pre learning support, videos and activities prior to the two day course. The two course helped to consolidate my knowledge and understanding and confidence through group discussions and extra case studies/supportive activities."

Adult MHFA - 2 Day Online Course Participant
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